A collaboration with Amsterdam based designer Gertjan vanden Berg.

CONCEPT: Nike wanted to increase female participation for an annual 10k event. Our goal was to inspire and motivate women to run a 10K using app interaction. We created a campaign targeting everyday, female runners who enjoy using social media. This extension to the already popular Nike Run app gives every women runner the chance to be a Nike woman! All they need to do is fill in is their name and motivation for participating in the 10K run. Signing up on the Nike app + social media (i.e. Instagram) means they agree to be scouted during their run via location based services. The gps in the app will then tell the Nike Photo-Scouts were the person is running allowing them to snap an action shot of the participant during her run. The photo will go through quick editing and soon broadcasted on billboards through the city.

FUNCTION: Anna is running her usual morning route and has logged in to the Nike Run app to enter her personal goal for the day. Soon after, she receives a call-to-action notification to join the Nike Woman campaign. She formally agrees to be scouted by an official photographer during her run. She continues her run as usual and soon discovers the location of her personalized billboard including her real-time photo and personal motto. The billboard reads, ‘Anna already started, when will you?’ It may feature a rotation of different motivational quotes for participants who did not offer their own.

GOAL: This concept not only works as a great motivation booster for everyday runners like Anna, it also serves as an inspiration for all women at different fitness levels. Women will draw motivation for running at every level - from beginner to advanced - when they see their peers as relatable, everyday athletes. This campaign enhances interest in running and offers inspiration for women to push themselves further with the sport while building a positive brand identity with Nike.

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Concept + Graphic design: Gertjan vanden Berg

Photography: Lily Heaton

Model: Ieva Dominaité